Agares Aim Alloces Amdusias Amon Amy Andras Andrealphus
Andromalius Asmoday Astaroth Bael Balam Barbatos Bathin Beleth
Belial Berith Bifrons Botis Buer Bune Camio Cimeies
Crocell Dantalion Decarabia Eligos Focalor Foras Forneus Furcas
Furfur Gaap Glasya-Labolas Gremory Gusion Haagenti Halphas Haures
Ipos Leraie Malphas Marax Marbas Marchosias Murmur Naberius
Orias Orobas Ose Paimon Phenex Purson Raum Ronove
Sabnock Sallos Samigina Seere Shax Sitri Stolas Valefor
Vapula Vassago Vepar Vine Volac Vual Zagan Zepar

Demon Matrix

Note: Information on Demons is compiled from scholarly sources and does not necessarily reflect the methodologies or experiences that any other individuals may encounter. How Demons appear to the magician may depend entirely on the relationship that the magician is intending to develop with the Demon(s).